Thursday, March 29, 2007

Car Loans Are Easy To Get, But Watch Out

Besides the excellent conditions offered by some car loan dealers, they will also help you get a better price for the car you want, since their professional mediation is more powerful than most privates.

Watch Out For Dark Cats

The reference to “dark cats” is that they all look the same at night. So with some light and a good eyesight you’ll be able to pick out what is convenient for you. If your credit rating is less than perfect, you just need to apply for a secured loan, in which the payment is secured with the car itself. Secured loans are something like a white elephant, but they are an option too and will depend on your good financial background.

Three Variables

No doubt about this: Interest Rate, payback term and insurance. Interest rate and payback term as essential condiments of the loan and insurance to cover your back. But you are essentially shopping for a car, giving you the most important job to carry out after the loan is dealt with. You can try independent operations or have both done through the broker, but work out if there is a real advantage in having one operator perform everything for you.

A Good Way To Know

Little things like wanting to make you change your decision on the choice of a car or model, will give you a hint. They might be luring you into something convenient for them and not necessarily for you. It’s so easy to just say “Yeah, sure, let’s go ahead”, and they’re really not offering you your own convenience but theirs.

A Different Deal For Each Situation

If you are an employee, for example, you may want to apply for a novated lease, in agreement with your employer. This means that the payment is taken from your pre-tax salary, making your taxable income a little lower. If you should change jobs before the loan has expired, the car and the novated lease go with you to your new job.

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