Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Used Car Loans - drive home a car at cheaper finance

A used car also serves its purpose of providing a convenient traveling to its owner well and saves lots of money that goes waste on public transportation. What is more, there are used car loans available with ease for buying a used car of any make or model. And even if you are labeled as bad credit, there are many lenders in the loan market place who are ever willing to offer you Used car loans without many enquiries.

For the convenience of the borrower, Used car loans can be availed in secured or unsecured options. For secured used car loans, the very car can you intend to buy can be put with the lender as security of the loan. You can drive the car during the loan repayment term, but its documents will be with the lender. The advantage in doing so is that secured used car loans come at lower interest rate, making the loan a less burdensome affair. Also you can borrower greater amount depending on your repaying capacity. The amount however will be within value of the car. Unsecured car loans are approved without collateral and the amount of the loan will be smaller. Not only that you would be charged higher interest rate. So depending on how much you can pay from own pocket for buying used car, should you opt for secured or unsecured options.

Also note that both secured and unsecured used car loans are to be returned back in shorter repayment duration. This is because used cars loose their value as the time passes by. So your repayment capacity becomes important for the lender. And do not worry about your bad credit. There are many lenders who are more than willing to offer used car loans to people having late payments, arrears, payment defaults or county court judgments against their names. All you have to do is to convince the lender that you are now in a good position of repaying the loan installments regularly. Take a repayment plan along with income and employment documents to the lender.

Ensure to compare different lenders providing used car loans for interest rates and terms-conditions so that you have a suitable deal. Buy a used car from a reliable dealer for quality concerns.

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